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First of all, the development of film is divided into four stages:
The sprout before the emergence of film -- the invention of film in the period of activity picture before 1895 -- the evolution of activity picture into the period of activity picture; the stability and development of moviesjoy the emergence of silent film, sound film and color film; electronic image and its challenge to film

These four stages are represented by four times in technical form: silent film age, sound film age, color film age and film digital age. The sprout of film
In 1824, Peter mark Roget, an Englishman, put forward a paper at the Royal Society of England: when people's eyes are observing the image of moving objects, they will stay on the retina for less than a second after each moment's image disappears. This phenomenon is called "visual persistence" or "visual memory" A kind of

According to this principle, many people invented various visual games. In 1825, ferton and Paris invented the "magic disc"; in 1832, Belgian physicist Joseph. Prado and Stan pfer, a professor at the University of Austria, invented the "quirky dish" in 1834 by George the British. Holner invented "walking horse plate"; 1876 Emile. Renault produced "moving mirror", and in 1888, Renault's "optical camera" began to try to show in public. In the course of the invention of the film, the shadow play in China has an enlightening role. Sadur mentioned this fact in the first chapter of the history of the world's film, "the forerunner of the film - shadow play and slide show".